Error 404 – /home/alexa/pub/www/atascadero Not Found… In other words, The Trip Home…

For the next few days or so, I, Alexandra Tilbrook (“juggadollslinuxsloca”) will be blogging about the failure over almost nine months of failure until I arrive at MITS (Muncie Indiana Transit Systems) Station at the corner of High Street and West Jackson Street on the Hoosier Ride from the Indianapolis Greyhound Station… (Funny thing, the Atascadero High School mascot is the Greyhound… But that’s another show! [Alton Brown fans should get that one almost immediately… I am one myself… but don’t tell anyone I’ve got a crush on him! 😉 ])

But the fact of the matter, it takes nine months for a human to be born… and to be honest, I wasn’t born a female to begin with… but I know that I am female inside but look male outside. This is not easy to discuss. But it took those nine months to realize my coming out.

Which led to a host of problems alongside it.

Drug addiction. Sure, cannabis is fine, and in California, weed is legal for anyone over 21… but it’s still illegal in Indiana, where even possession of a tiny roach will lead to ten years in New Castle… but Muncie is the meth capital of Indiana… which I (almost want to say “accidentally” but it’s not an accident) got addicted to; and Atascadero is the meth center of San Luis Obispo County, California. That shit basically took control over my life, replacing all my interests with the pursuit of using that stuff and obtaining more. I’ve been off of it for two days… I know that’s not a long time… but small steps… 😉

But the thing is, when someone basically uses you to use drugs, you are not their friend. They will drain you financially, mentally and physically.

I look way too thin! This girl needs to eat!

But I’ll be blogging as much as I can throughout my trip, as long as the on-bus WiFi is good, I have a good 4G LTE signal (except Utah… Mormon Country… but again, that’s another show…) or when I am at a Greyhound terminal on a layover/rest break and using the AT&T (Yes, that does match my initials, Alexandra Tiffany Tilbrook…) WiFi…

Peace, love and Pizza King cravings 4ever,

Alexa Tilbrook

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