Life. Is there any out there?


Alexa here with some GNUs for y’all… Listen to me and you shall see…

Tuesday. I will leave Atascadero, California back for home. Home meaning Muncie, Indiana. Thanks and a BIG muthafuckin’ WHOOP WHOOP to Aurora William and Samantha (Last name escapes me… if you’re reading this, please ACK in the comments, Aurora and Sam! 😀 ) at El Camino Homeless Organization for helping this lost poor Ball State Cardinal find her way home…

Pizza King? Fuck yeah I’ll Ring The King when I get there! 24″ Royal Feast will feed me for DAYS. Not fuckin’ kiddin’. Two Dozen Concannon’s Donuts, please, to add on. And I found out that Marsh and Vons are owned by the SAME COMPANY, Safeway, so I can use my Vons Card phone number (you think I’m stupid to give it out on my blog, eh?) at the PIN Pad buying a fuck ton of Faygo at the Marsh on Tillotson and if it says “MARSH FRESH CLUB CUSTOMER *******9600 ALEXA TILBROOK” (Yes, I have that registered at as that!) on the POS monitor and on my receipt, at the Marsh at White River Plaza on Tillotson Ave and White River Blvd…. HELL YEAH!

And Vegeta never said it better from Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Episode 32…

EXACTLY what I will say the MOMENT I step off at MITS Station in Muncie getting off the Hoosier Ride (Miller Transportation) bus…

Thanks to ALL the citizens of Atascadero, California, for giving me an experience I can now share with my fellow BSU alumni about. MUCH Muthafuckin’ Wicked Clown Love to ALL Y’ALL!

<3, Alexa

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