Muncie > Atascadero. Do The F***in’ Math.

Okay homies, Alexa is here to say, I am home, back in INDIANA, not California, in my hometown of Muncie! 

Of course, I mentioned in my last post about how ECHO was grateful enough to buy me a ticket back home to Muncie… and I apologize that I was unable to update (this website you’re viewing right the fuck now) while on the road… I was only able to check my email for <10 minutes at a Ubuntu-based (It was Ubuntu… trust me) terminal at a truck plaza in Salinas, Kansas, and the Greyhound trip was kinda horrible. The only good parts of the ride were the Orange Belt Stages ride from Paso Robles, and I stayed the night in Paso and got harassed by two Paso Robles PD officers wanting moi to return to Atascadero or get taken to San Luis Obispo jail… FUCK. YOU. Take your fuckin’ gun out of my fuckin’ face. I have my Greyhound ticket and I just got off the 9N from A-Town so I could catch my bus at 8:40 that next morning. And the Miller Transportation bus was a pleasure. But the Greyhound GLI1684 from Las Vegas to Indianapolis was nearly a nightmare. Especially with one so-called Christian person in Denver who was a bigoted motherfucker who would NOT help by coldly saying “Man does not live by bread alone… you need to ask ‘god’ for help to eat. Have a good day,” and walked away. I retorted… “Seriously? What would Jesus do?” His reply? “Ignore you and not give you anything.” WRONG.  Rethuglican asshole. Luckily there was an ex-Catholic agnostic person who helped me with food and drinks all the way. My daddy and Daphne thanks you. (TL;DR, don’t worry about who ‘daddy and Daphne’ are at this moment, I will explain another time.) The driver from Vegas to Denver rode his brakes all the way making the entire schedule delayed. I wanna complain to Greyhound, but I’m NOT gonna talk to some script-reading biological robot in a call center in India or the Philippines who doesn’t want to listen to my concern but would like me to get off the phone in 30 seconds or less.

And YES, I did exclaim Vegeta’s line from the cold opener of Dragon Ball Z Abridged, episode 32 the very second I got off at MITS Station. That was what I planned to do, and I did.

Now I’m at the library in Muncie taking care of business and updating my website like I said.

805 Lovin’ in Muncie, Indiana…

Alexandra T. Tilbrook

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