Welcome back, Jessica!!

Well… it’s been a month and a half since I left Atascadero for Muncie… got Vanessa and now Jessica got back in town.

Here’s a picture of them two together…

02 - Jessica and Vanessa

This was taken with my webcam using Cheese Webcam Booth in Ubuntu MATE, so please accept my apologies of the shittiness of the image quality… (Jessica is on the left; Vanessa is on the right, seated.)

I’m also thankful for the abundance of flea markets here in Muncie. Why, you ask? Well… let’s just say I found a Raspberry Pi 3 with a touchscreen for $10. That is NOT a typo. Ten bucks! I found it at the Muncie Emporium Antique Mall and Flea Market at Southway Centre a couple of days ago. Normally, this would retail for $100 on Amazon and elsewhere. And the nearest “antique mall” in Atascadero would be in Paso Robles.

By the way, speaking of antique malls/flea markets, I remember finding a vintage Decter mannequin for $100 at one of them a while ago here in Muncie… why did I leave Muncie in the first place? I dunno… But I still have that mannequin, by the way. Just one of my friends is doing some restorations on her. I haven’t came up with a name for her yet.

That’s all for now. Peace and love, y’all!

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