Happy Friday! Raspberry Pi Setup with an HDMI to VGA adapter

Hello and welcome to what to what the name of this blog, Alexa Tilbrook’s Linux Musings, and the third word, Linux, really is about!

Well, first thing, a lot of other blogs tell you in an veiled advertisement about some product they’re selling.

I’m not.

I will, on the other hand, and I know some of y’all just don’t wanna go online and buy something…

I’ll start with that I bought this, a Raspberry Pi 3, at a flea market just a few blocks from my house.


For ten bucks.

A fuller picture:


The monitor is an old Sony VGA monitor with a resolution of 1024×768. I bought it at the Goodwill here in Muncie for$5. It’s connected with an HDMI to VGA adapter I bought at Walmart, yes, muthafuckin Walmart, the “Onn” adapter in the computer section. I bought a camcorder cable from Amazon, which will be here Monday. I’ll cover that when I get it.

But I know you will try to say in the comments, “but does it work? You should have checked its compatibility before you bought it…”

Does this answer your question?


Now it’s time to have fun. Later!

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