Just Another Mannequin Monday…

I just took these pictures Sunday!

(Apologies to The Bangles…)

But I’d like to take this second post I made in a thirty minute span to say that you might know me but you really don’t.

Jessica Daphne Bentley was born in Norfolk, VA on October 20, 1990. That makes her thirteen years younger than me. In other words, I just graduated high school when she just was barely starting kindergarten! She’s 26 and I’m 40… But love doesn’t discriminate on age… I just waited until she got old enough. 😉 😍

I still have the picture I took when we first met:

First picture of Jessica

And with her BFF Emily:


I also regret losing her once in 2014. But love knows no distance or time.

When I came back to Muncie back in April, Jessi didn’t return until June.

The time apart (we separated from each other upon terms that I need to find out my true self and not rely on people who have motives to hurt)… Jessica knows I am a woman now and she’s okay with that. She’s bisexual BTW. Emily was her girlfriend (sexual partner) at one time…

But Jessi is my wife now and I am Jessica’s wife too. Life is good.


Happily ever after.


Later, y’all. Have a great Monday.


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