The reason why was started and the current direction

I never intended for Alexa Tilbrook’s Linux Musings to be YaRfM (Yet another Recovery from Mormonism) blog, but a blog about a recently out of the closet transgender male-to-female Linux nerd who loves silicone dolls and mannequins and the things that go along with it.

But initially, Mormonism was a topic that would not be discussed.

That, obviously, went out the window.

Someone told me that if I was a Mormon and a transgender who had to hide her identity to please a non-religion (I will try to refrain from the “C-word”) whose doctrine is hurtful, that these kind of blogs about transgender ex-Mormons are pretty rare.

I will keep the name “Alexa Tilbrook’s Linux Musings” but I will change the subtitle slightly to reflect the new subject matter.

Most of my new posts will be about my transition out of Mormonism, but I will also try to include topics regarding the original intent of why I started this blog and registered the domain name as a transgender Linux nerd who loves silicone dolls… And now also as an Ex-Mormon, too.

I am a Christian in the sense of that I have a relationship with Christ, but I don’t categorize myself as one particular denomination.


This is me. Alexa Tilbrook.


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