Happy #MannequinMonday and yet another YouTube video!


Happy Mannequin Monday and time for the annual promo video!

An Elisabeth Snow production.

I have created two other promo videos:

One in 2015, ICP Pass Me By: The Move to Muncie


And the major one that started this series, Juggadolls 2014: Past Present and Future


And some good news regarding Mannequin Monday:

Elisabeth will be coming home soon but she’ll be a bit late. Why? Well, let’s say that Don Delano, who runs Mon Amour Toujours, has offered to help me by offering a payment plan so I don’t have to go without housing or food or cell service in order to have her.

And even though that T almost thought I was gonna to get gypped because he saw the Mon Amour Toujours site, and since T’s well versed in spotting a scam, but he jumped to conclusions because he saw Don’s experience, as demonstrated in the video below…

And saw that Don bought from DHGate…

Then T assumed that Don is affiliated with DHGate.

He then warned me… Which I won’t repeat here…

I countered with information I had, and asked T to provide proof of alleged findings of Don’s affiliation with Alibaba and DHGate…

T then replied on TDF that he spoke too soon… Realized that Don was warning about how he got scammed and why he started Mon Amour Toujours so others wouldn’t have to go through the trouble he did.

And Don Delano, I think you’ve got not just one new customer, but two! He wants the Lenore

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