Howdy Ho! Elisabeth Has Finally Made It Home!!!!

Hey y’all! I had finally got my newest gal, Elisabeth Rachael Snow, home!

Enjoy this slideshow of pictures of her. Because OMFG, she’s beautiful!!!!




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I promised I’d write something about this sometime.

Welcome home, Elisabeth! I love you!



Oh… I’ve really gotta give some huge MMFWCL to Don Delano over at Mon Amour Toujours for assisting me through the whole process. From pre-sale, during and after the sale. he was always available to answer my questions, whether through email, TDF (The Doll Forum) or by a phone call. That’s the reason why I chose Mon Amour Toujours over the other vendors available on TDF. Well, one of the reasons. The other is that he has stated that he is a doll lover first, vendor second. That’s what tipped my scales in favor of dealing with him over the others. I’m gonna order my next doll from him, and every subsequent doll thereafter. Whoop whoop!

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