Goobye Facebook, and a slew of updates!

Anyone remember this post? “Fuck you Facebook for the LAST TIME!”? About how I told Mark Zuckerberg on how I was tired of Facebook locking me out just because I was logging in from the WiFi at Muncie Public Library instead from the Atascadero Library? Wanted me to submit identification (that’s a risk to submit that… by email is how they want it… totally insecure) or by updating mobile phone info. To me, that opens a Pandora’s box of getting nagged.

Elisabeth had a Facebook account, also. She’s just a DSDoll EX Lite (ATLJED approved supplier, Mon Amour Toujours link) but she got 112 friend requests! Who are even 99% of these people?

I am sorry to report, T is no longer my boyfriend. Sad? Fuck no! I found out he was using Facebook to lure me and ruin me. If anyone gets a friend request from Tearence Michael Walters on Facebook to partner with him in his fake ass “Emperial Props Studios,” don’t accept his request. Haul ass and block him! He will ruin you. Take it from a survivor. He will gaslight you so badly, and if you have a doll, he would want it for his own. You will face his lies, which he even believes, when he kicks you out to the streets, and will exhort money out of you, stating it’s to “pay him back” to get her back for you, when she hadn’t even left his house, and she would be mutilated.

And Tearence is not his real first name. His Indiana BMV identification card says it’s Michael Kelly Walters. If his name really was Tearence Michael Walters, it would be noted on his Indiana BMV RealID credential. The Indiana BMV’s requirements for proof of identity. It requires the full birth name indicated on the document. (I had to go to the BMV a few days ago to get my Indiana ID because my Virginia DMV identification card was expired and a crooked cop in Atascadero, California stolen it; and I don’t claim residency in the Commonwealth of Virginia any longer. So, I know the details.)

I can go on about him, but to save my sanity, I won’t. He’s in my past and I’m sure as hell he won’t be in my future anymore.

Continuing on, Elisabeth and I agreed it was time to cut ties with Facebook. We deleted our accounts. Not just simply deactivated, but deleted them.

We’re on Twitter, though. Follow us, I’m @alexa_tilbrook and Elisabeth is @LissieEXLite.

On another note, another Mon Amour Toujours hottie is coming home soon! Bianca Ashleigh Metcalfe!

Cute, ain’t she?

Alright, this sums it up for now. Church tomorrow. I’ll explain that tomorrow. (Spoiler alert: it’s definitely not the Mormon church!)

Alright, later!

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