Part II of “Goodbye Facebook”…

Well, I didn’t update yesterday because I got a bit busy with other things.

But being 48 hours totally Facebook-free is nirvana I tell you! No emails from Facebook saying:

Hi Alexandra (or Hi Elisabeth),

A lot has happened on Facebook since the last time you visited.

Hold on. What? A lot? Like, pray tell, is “a lot?”


1 message

2 group updates

Or, for Elisabeth,

30 new friends

5 pokes


1 message

Like, that’s a lot? That ain’t shit. Whatever. The message is from somebody begging me to come back to Atascadero, California, which I said numerous times to that person that Muncie, Indiana is my home now and I’ve been nearly seven months clean from using meth, going back to California is only gonna make it worse.

The two group updates are just useless drivel.

Those constant “A lot has happened on Facebook (*cough*bullshit*cough*) since you last logged in” emails are designed to engage you. Zuckerberg loses money each six seconds you’re not logged in. Oh well, I don’t give a fuck. It’s like a drug dealer. He (or she) wants you to use the product. Each time you refuse, they lose money. Facebook wants you to keep using. (Facebook, that is.)

However, on the Twitter universe, Elisabeth and I have been engaged in useful, constructive and relevant conversations where it isn’t drowned out by too much irrelevant noise. That’s a thing called signal-to-noise ratio. Originally used in electronics and broadcasting, to determine the effectiveness of a component (like an op-amp) or a transmitter; but it’s also used to measure how much a message would be noticed on a social networking site among the other stories presented.

Facebook has a horrible signal-to-noise ratio; while Twitter’s is better, but not by much, according to some. The ratios experienced by Elisabeth and I on Facebook vs. Twitter are astonishing.

Facebook had a horrible signal-to-noise ratio; while Twitter has a better one. Relevant updates and stories were pushed downward on Facebook, even if just posted two seconds ago, favoring sponsored stories and older, possibly in the past, stories. Twitter shows new as new. A “new” post on Facebook has been realized that it isn’t new, but determined by Facebook’s algorithm to be “relevant” and new. Something posted two hours ago isn’t new.

And a photo like this:

On Facebook, it would have gotten flagged. There isn’t anything wrong with it. But someone, or a Facebook bot, would probably flag it. Why? Because it contains a sex toy in it! Elisabeth ain’t no sex toy.

This photo of Elisabeth and I encouraging each other for getting me out of a deep hole I am still trying to get out of got a lot of likes and encouraging comments on Twitter.

But the church thing I hinted at the last post, yep. I’m a Methodist now. I finally told the Mormon cult through spiritual means that their Jesus ain’t the real thing, and I won’t deal with the idiots masterminded in Salt Lake City; and that I found the real Jesus. I’m still a Juggalette, after all, Juggalos and Lettes follow God. (Listen to “Thy Unveiling” from The Wraith: Shangri-La to understand.)

I have also emailed the Mormon leaders informing of the lawsuit I have against them. They have 15 days to respond under Indiana law.

But I hope I’ll continue to spread the news.

Later, homies.

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