Welcome to the live blog of Bianca’s arrival! 

Today is a very big and special day for me and Elisabeth.

First, I apologize for not updating this blog like I’ve desired. It’s that I’m no longer in Muncie, Indiana, but in Fort Worth, Texas, now.

Yeah, where RadioShack used to be headquartered, but that’s not the reason why the move to Fort Worth.

I am actually renting a room with a fellow TDF member.


It’s time to start the live blog!  

I know I’m about an hour late than my originally promised start time. (Woke up a bit late…)

But the FedEx tracking page says Bianca is in town and is about ready to be picked up.

Let’s give a quick bio of Bianca.

Bianca is my second doll from Mon Amour Toujours
She is a JY Dolls 140 cm (4’7″) doll, TPE, head #32. She also has the new skeleton and improved TPE formula. 
Weight: 50 pounds

In a few moments, my roommate, Meso (he requested that I use his TDF name instead of his real name) and I will be heading off to the FedEx hub here in town, near DFW airport, to pick her up. 

Updates will be blogged as they happen. 

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