Ramblings: July 6 2017

Well… I have to start with good news:


Game over. I am now officially not a Mormon. Let the healing begin.

Just to celebrate, the word is out that this lady is coming:


Elisabeth Rachael Snow (DSDoll Elizabeth)

sudo chmod o-rwx ./Elisabeth && sudo apt-get install your-own

(For a “translation” from Linux to English: Get your own!)

Seriously, you can get one here: http://shop.monamourtoujours.com/products/elizabeth

But one more thing: Hey Europe, can you PLEASE stop this shit?


Yeah, EU directive requires it. But the United States doesn’t! It’s fucking annoying!

Later y’all!



The reason why AlexaTilbrook.com was started and the current direction

I never intended for Alexa Tilbrook’s Linux Musings to be YaRfM (Yet another Recovery from Mormonism) blog, but a blog about a recently out of the closet transgender male-to-female Linux nerd who loves silicone dolls and mannequins and the things that go along with it.

But initially, Mormonism was a topic that would not be discussed.

That, obviously, went out the window.

Someone told me that if I was a Mormon and a transgender who had to hide her identity to please a non-religion (I will try to refrain from the “C-word”) whose doctrine is hurtful, that these kind of blogs about transgender ex-Mormons are pretty rare.

I will keep the name “Alexa Tilbrook’s Linux Musings” but I will change the subtitle slightly to reflect the new subject matter.

Most of my new posts will be about my transition out of Mormonism, but I will also try to include topics regarding the original intent of why I started this blog and registered the domain name alexatilbrook.com: as a transgender Linux nerd who loves silicone dolls… And now also as an Ex-Mormon, too.

I am a Christian in the sense of that I have a relationship with Christ, but I don’t categorize myself as one particular denomination.


This is me. Alexa Tilbrook.


The mind of a TBM…


export TBM = “True Believing Mormon”

echo $TBM

I was bored Googling around and saw this…


And saw this acronym…


Technically, it’s BofM, or Book of Mormon, but the comment from “c12” elicited a guffaw from me and Jessica…

Exactly what I was thinking. He thinks we never read the bofm?

I laughed… Jessi asked me, “Lexie, what’s funny?” I showed her.

Her response? “Oh. The Book of Fucking Morons!”

I just have to love her for that…

Just Another Mannequin Monday…

I just took these pictures Sunday!

(Apologies to The Bangles…)

But I’d like to take this second post I made in a thirty minute span to say that you might know me but you really don’t.

Jessica Daphne Bentley was born in Norfolk, VA on October 20, 1990. That makes her thirteen years younger than me. In other words, I just graduated high school when she just was barely starting kindergarten! She’s 26 and I’m 40… But love doesn’t discriminate on age… I just waited until she got old enough. 😉 😍

I still have the picture I took when we first met:

First picture of Jessica

And with her BFF Emily:


I also regret losing her once in 2014. But love knows no distance or time.

When I came back to Muncie back in April, Jessi didn’t return until June.

The time apart (we separated from each other upon terms that I need to find out my true self and not rely on people who have motives to hurt)… Jessica knows I am a woman now and she’s okay with that. She’s bisexual BTW. Emily was her girlfriend (sexual partner) at one time…

But Jessi is my wife now and I am Jessica’s wife too. Life is good.


Happily ever after.


Later, y’all. Have a great Monday.


I just pwned Dieter Uchtdorf on his Twitter!

Let’s celebrate my resignation from a horrible cult… The Cult of Joseph Smith and his Learning-disabled Shitheads with this yours truly, Alexa Tilbrook, put on Dieter Uchtdorf’s Twitter page…


My tweet in response is basically from Matthew 7:21-23 (ESV):

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ 23And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’

The Moron Cult has broken the law. Many. Fucking. Times.

They hate civil liberties. They were the last religious group to get with the program in 1978 to remove their rule on race segregation. The law was passed in 1964.

And Prop 8? Jesus, don’t get me started.

Greg Trimble, if you want to start shit, go right ahead. I will email your webhost abuse contact email telling them you violated your terms of service. I have your WHOIS info for gregtrimble.com (not anonymized? Why?) and I have it ready… I’m on Linux, bitch. You better GNU.

But Jessi and I are going to have a great time time defending this. But the Mormons are wrong. Pure and simple.

Fixed… How can a stupid thing like that slip under my nose?

EDIT: This issue was nothing more than a minor case of PEBKAC (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair, or human error)… and a bonafide example of how an /etc/hosts file (or HOSTS in %WinDir%\System\HOSTS for you Windows users) can be used to block websites… 😛

When I installed Ubuntu on another laptop, I set my hostname to “alexatilbrook.com” just to be funny. But I didn’t have an Internet connection and Ubiquity complained that it “could not find the FQDN alexatilbrook.com, setting to localhost”.

Fair enough, but what I didn’t know was that it would set that in /etc/hosts to be a trivial web filter to block my website!

Somehow I decided to take a thorough insight on what I had done. Jessi said “Lexie, I just talked to Lissie {Elisabeth, the DSDoll coming home soon) and she said to check your /etc/hosts file. I told her that you set your hostname to your website domain name. She then said that could be the culprit.”

Well, Elisabeth Rachael Snow, You get a 16″ Royal Feast pizza from Pizza King when you get here! That saved my ass! Thanks for telling Jessi that!!!

— Original post below retained for clarification of above edit —-

I asked for help here on the Ubuntu MATE Community… because I inherited an Asus netbook with a 500 GiB hard drive and now I can’t access AlexaTilbrook.com (this site you’re seeing now) with Ubuntu MATE. I am getting an “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED” error in Chromium and an “Unable to connect” error in Firefox.

This is the bullshit I’m getting on my laptop…


What. The. Fuck?? It works fine on my shiny new Raspberry Pi 3…

Screenshot at 2017-07-01 02-47-17

And on my shiny new Android phone, a Boost Mobile ZTE Prestige 2…


But not on my Asus laptop. Why? They are all connected to the same WLAN… one I run off the phone.

This is seriously pissing me off. I’m about to reinstall Ubuntu on it. Thank God I made a 64 GiB / (root) partition so I don’t have to labor over losing my files. That, I put in a separate /home partition… even though Ubiquity (the debian-installer frontend for Ubuntu) can let you reinstall without losing your personal files.

This is WHY Linux is better than Windows. No Windows Genuine Advantage to fuck you over… and your settings are in cleartext files. No “Registry” to get in the way. I know Microsoft, when they introduced Windows 95 that the WIN.INI and SYSTEM.INI files from Windows 3.x are dead… but at least THOSE were easy to back up and restore if you had to reformat and install DOS and Windows again. Can’t do that with a Registry that is locked to one singular computer and cannot be restored what-so-fucking-ever even to the SAME computer.

I’ve searched Google. I tried flushing the DNS cache. I’m about to just reinstall. Fuck it. Well, after I fuck make sweet love to Jessica…

Happy Friday! Raspberry Pi Setup with an HDMI to VGA adapter

Hello and welcome to what to what the name of this blog, Alexa Tilbrook’s Linux Musings, and the third word, Linux, really is about!

Well, first thing, a lot of other blogs tell you in an veiled advertisement about some product they’re selling.

I’m not.

I will, on the other hand, and I know some of y’all just don’t wanna go online and buy something…

I’ll start with that I bought this, a Raspberry Pi 3, at a flea market just a few blocks from my house.


For ten bucks.

A fuller picture:


The monitor is an old Sony VGA monitor with a resolution of 1024×768. I bought it at the Goodwill here in Muncie for$5. It’s connected with an HDMI to VGA adapter I bought at Walmart, yes, muthafuckin Walmart, the “Onn” adapter in the computer section. I bought a camcorder cable from Amazon, which will be here Monday. I’ll cover that when I get it.

But I know you will try to say in the comments, “but does it work? You should have checked its compatibility before you bought it…”

Does this answer your question?


Now it’s time to have fun. Later!

Na Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye Mormon Cult!

It’s official!!!!!

Na na na na na hey hey goodbye Mormon Cult

Today I had resigned from the Mormon cult… officially. I was a member but when they tried to kill Daphne and Tiffany… in 2011, I sued their asses in 2012 for $5000 (where is my muthafuckin money by the way???)… now I hope this will kick them in the ass enough to pay up.

The Mormon church cult is NOT family-oriented.

Comments and praise are welcome, but ANY comments from ANY LDS muthafucka saying the usual rhetoric will be sent to the flames of /dev/null…

And BTW… Welcome back Daphne!!! But that’s for a different entry another time… or as Alton Brown used to say… But that’s another show!

Fuck you Facebook for the LAST TIME!

Why, Mark Zuckerberg, WHY???

Screenshot at 2017-06-18 14:59:52

I now have to say… I have STOPPED using Facebook today.

I don’t want a mobile phone. I HAVE NO USE FOR ONE.

Burn in Hell, Mark Zuckerberg.

However, I am on Twitter at https://twitter.com/alexa_tilbrook, so I will be there more often.

“Suspicious activity” my ass.


Oh! Emily (New YouTube Video by me!)

Hey y’all!

Me and my other two ladies decided to treat all y’all this Tuesday with a new video, Freshly Uploaded to YouTube, hot off the Kdenlive rendering!


Enjoy… this is a labor of love.

Whoop Whoop MMFWCL,