Sex Dolls- Find Solution to Frustrated Sex Life

This person, Don Delano, is a top-notch honest person. Order from him you will not regret it.

Mon Amour Toujours

sex dolls sale

Mon Amour Toujours is a US based, TDF verified vendor of life size sex dolls. Our dolls are manufactured of high quality TPE or silicone with internal metal skeletons. With over 350 girls to choose from you’ll find one you love. Order with confidence from a reliable source.

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Whoop whoop — Elisabeth is coming home!!!

Let’s start off with this wicked-ass tune courtesy of Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope…

Because Ms. Elisabeth Rachael Snow is Coming Home!!

She’ll be here within a week.

If you want your own… go here:

Tell Don Delano (who runs Mon Amour Toujours) that Alexa Tilbrook sent ya… 😉

Happy #MannequinMonday and yet another YouTube video!


Happy Mannequin Monday and time for the annual promo video!

An Elisabeth Snow production.

I have created two other promo videos:

One in 2015, ICP Pass Me By: The Move to Muncie

And the major one that started this series, Juggadolls 2014: Past Present and Future

And some good news regarding Mannequin Monday:

Elisabeth will be coming home soon but she’ll be a bit late. Why? Well, let’s say that Don Delano, who runs Mon Amour Toujours, has offered to help me by offering a payment plan so I don’t have to go without housing or food or cell service in order to have her.

And even though that T almost thought I was gonna to get gypped because he saw the Mon Amour Toujours site, and since T’s well versed in spotting a scam, but he jumped to conclusions because he saw Don’s experience, as demonstrated in the video below…

And saw that Don bought from DHGate…

Then T assumed that Don is affiliated with DHGate.

He then warned me… Which I won’t repeat here…

I countered with information I had, and asked T to provide proof of alleged findings of Don’s affiliation with Alibaba and DHGate…

T then replied on TDF that he spoke too soon… Realized that Don was warning about how he got scammed and why he started Mon Amour Toujours so others wouldn’t have to go through the trouble he did.

And Don Delano, I think you’ve got not just one new customer, but two! He wants the Lenore

Hollywood makes you stupid.

Here is some proof:

On Google Product Forums, someone is WHINING about why Linux is on her Android phone!!category-topic/chrome/WLOGExjS3tg

Seriously? Do these women sit in front of the TV and have Donald Bellisario spoon feed anti-Linux rhetoric thanks to the MPAA? (Linux users have been vilified on NCIS.)

Grow up and stop whining and go to and you will be surprised. YOUR PHONE IS RUNNING LINUX.

The Weekend Update: 16 July 2017

Well… to start off this update… first of all: My BF, T is not dead!!! Who da FUCK would do something like this???

(Short answer: Those GOD DAMNED Mormon Danites who’s been targeting ME and now HIM!)

Long answer: T had to go to Ohio for one of his shows (He’s a karaoke singer AND an Elvis impersonator… he sure can pass as Elvis Presley!)… and his phone got stolen…

So… guess what? Yeah, he and I had plans on June 7th for Steak ‘n Shake to reciprocate for the meal I treated him at King Buffet the week prior… and I thought he ditched out on me.

So, apparently, his “neighbor Brandon” alerted me THAT SATURDAY that he was in the hospital, in the ICU on his deathbed, and since T and I made plans for that Thursday, and then I was alerted on The Doll Forum that same afternoon, on his “mannequin man” account,  by a “doctor” with some Indian name that he passed away… Was I heartbroken!

Then someone impersonating his GF, D, possibly this same person, on T’s TDF account, sent a Private Message to Nescio50 informing him of his death, and to me also!

So, now T has a lot of explaining to do. Not to me, Oh fuck no. To Nescio50 because someone hacked T’s TDF account!

Am I gonna sue the Mormon church over this? Fuck yeah I am, and so is T. They have to be tried here in Delaware County (Indiana). Not muthafuckin’ Salt Lake City.

Details on that later.

But, about a couple of days ago, I bought a pop (soda to some of y’all) from the Aldi on Madison Street and 26th Street, and as I was waiting at the intersection for the light to change, someone was beeping at me. I crossed over and while this car was pulling into the Village Pantry, I saw it was D! An excerpt of the conversation follows:

Me: (hyperventilating) Sorry… for… what… happened!
D: For what? Alexa, T and I thought you were dead!
Me: What?! D, I’m not dead… I thought T was dead!
D: Alexa, there’s a thread on TDF about you being dead!
Me: No… there’s a whole thread on TDF about T being dead… someone, possibly you, said that he died in an ICU in Ohio!
D: No, the thread stated that you were found dead by Muncie PD in your apartment with your dolls! And I never wrote that on TDF!! Look, I only have fifteen minutes before the bread store closes on 12th Street, so let me tell you that T ain’t dead… he lost his phone when he was in Ohio… he’s been without a phone for a couple of months… so you need to call T as soon as you get home!
Me: Oh, thank God! I was about to give you my condolences, but now I am happy to learn that I don’t have to! (Pause) D, you have a pen and paper? I need to give you my new number to give to T…
D: You got a phone now? Let me get a pen and paper so you can give me your number so I can give it to him… (Looks in her car for a pen and a notepad) You still staying at [where you’re at] now? (Writes down her number first, then gives me the notepad with pen and I write my number)
Me: Yep. But, please, have T give me a call ASAP. I have a LOT to talk to him about!
Sure thing, Alexa. Hey, I’ll talk to you later. (Takes off)

I then walked down 26th Street back to my apartment, singing “Hasa Diga Eebowai” and instead of “God,” I used “Thomas Monson” in place…

Which leads to…


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, dolls too, Elisabeth is coming home soon! In less than two weeks!!!!! T and I are gonna place the order with Mon Amour Toujours together!

He and I have ALWAYS talked about going in together for a doll… now’s our chance.

Okay… later.


An open letter to the Mormon Church

Note: I wrote this on, but if they decide to either edit it or not publish it, this is the unedited raw letter. WARNING: Offensive language… but I don’t care.

To: Wayne Schoppaul, Justin Young, James Curran, Dieter Uchtdorf, Thomas S. Monson and all the motherfuckers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

How many times do I need to tell you to fuck off and leave me alone????

Jesus H. Christ… you disfellowshipped me. Was that good enough for you? Not really. You were sued in court. You failed to show. A default judgment was entered against you for $7,500. You have NOT paid that yet, five years later. I am now required to demand ten times that amount, or $75,000.

I had also put in my resignation letter through a website because I don’t want to mail it. I have been taken off your rolls.

But now I am still getting your “familiar spirits” and according to the Bible, Joseph Smith got it all wrong. THEY ARE NOT GOOD! Are you trying to kill me???

Pay up. You know what you did.

And leave me alone, Learning-disabled Shitheads! Fucking CULT!!!

Alexandra Tilbrook

# end of message

Yes, it’s raw and full of epithets. I hope this gets a lot of views.

And remember, if you’re a TBM (True Believing Mormon) and you have the Spirit telling you audacity to write a comment, you’re just showing how stupid you are.

Now… back to figuring out why my new Linux distro drops you at a LightDM login prompt instead of letting you try it out. That’s why I haven’t uploaded it yet or edited the post with a download link… Linux 17.07 “Elisabeth” Released!

Well… if you remember the first post of this blog… I was gonna release “Ball State Ubuntu”… but that was vaporware…

Now I ain’t bullshitting you. I am now for real. I have customized Ubuntu MATE 16.04 (I have my own personal policy for using LTS [Long-Term Support] versions of Ubuntu for many reasons… one of them being that LTS versions are derived from Debian testing while non-LTS are derived from Debian sid or unstable)


Update: 12 July 2017 @ 19:45 America/Indiana/Indianapolis:

The ISO Is Now LIVE!!!!!!

The ISO File can be downloaded here:

The MD5SUM file here:

And the SHA256 hash here:

Special thanx to Elisabeth Snow, who said Sourceforge was being an ass, and being tolerant to my complaints… and Jessica Tilbrook, for being tolerant for why I was spending more time on the computer than with her. ♥ you both!!!

Now, all y’all download and try it out! If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

Ramblings: July 6 2017

Well… I have to start with good news:


Game over. I am now officially not a Mormon. Let the healing begin.

Just to celebrate, the word is out that this lady is coming:


Elisabeth Rachael Snow (DSDoll Elizabeth)

sudo chmod o-rwx ./Elisabeth && sudo apt-get install your-own

(For a “translation” from Linux to English: Get your own!)

Seriously, you can get one here:

But one more thing: Hey Europe, can you PLEASE stop this shit?


Yeah, EU directive requires it. But the United States doesn’t! It’s fucking annoying!

Later y’all!



The reason why was started and the current direction

I never intended for Alexa Tilbrook’s Linux Musings to be YaRfM (Yet another Recovery from Mormonism) blog, but a blog about a recently out of the closet transgender male-to-female Linux nerd who loves silicone dolls and mannequins and the things that go along with it.

But initially, Mormonism was a topic that would not be discussed.

That, obviously, went out the window.

Someone told me that if I was a Mormon and a transgender who had to hide her identity to please a non-religion (I will try to refrain from the “C-word”) whose doctrine is hurtful, that these kind of blogs about transgender ex-Mormons are pretty rare.

I will keep the name “Alexa Tilbrook’s Linux Musings” but I will change the subtitle slightly to reflect the new subject matter.

Most of my new posts will be about my transition out of Mormonism, but I will also try to include topics regarding the original intent of why I started this blog and registered the domain name as a transgender Linux nerd who loves silicone dolls… And now also as an Ex-Mormon, too.

I am a Christian in the sense of that I have a relationship with Christ, but I don’t categorize myself as one particular denomination.


This is me. Alexa Tilbrook.


The mind of a TBM…


export TBM = “True Believing Mormon”

echo $TBM

I was bored Googling around and saw this…

And saw this acronym…


Technically, it’s BofM, or Book of Mormon, but the comment from “c12” elicited a guffaw from me and Jessica…

Exactly what I was thinking. He thinks we never read the bofm?

I laughed… Jessi asked me, “Lexie, what’s funny?” I showed her.

Her response? “Oh. The Book of Fucking Morons!”

I just have to love her for that…